Tim is a native of Oregon.  He attended La Grande High School and completed his education at Eastern Oregon University earning a Bachelor of Science in Business/Economics in 1993.  He is the owner and manager of Arrowhead Ranches.  Tim and his wife Christine are the proud parents of their daughters Haydyn and Aspyn.  Tim continues a family tradition of quality in the products and services offered on  COWHAY.com as well as Arrowhead Ranches U.S.A.  Tim enjoys raising cattle, growing and processing supreme alfalfa, and raising high quality seed wheat.
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We continue a heritage of taking pride in our work!  We are determined to strive for perfection in the products we produce and the services we offer.  We believe these are a few of the things that distinguish us from others.  Doing a job to the best of our ability assures everyones satisfaction in a job well done!

Fred is a native of North Dakota.  He moved to Oregon in 1957 and began farming and ranching shortly thereafter.  He moved to Eastern Oregon in 1972 and continued his involvement in agriculture by purchasing land in The Grande Ronde Valley.  Fred is the owner and manager of Homestead Ranch.  Today his determination and vision continues to inspire all those around him.  Fred enjoys raising cattle, making hay, and growing crops.  In his free time he likes taking his granddaughters to the cattle sale and visiting with friends.

In the Tradition of Quality
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Profile:  Fred Wallender
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"Our business is growing supreme alfalfa and quality wheat seed!"